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Great experience. She is knowledgeable and honest. Provides great guidance!

Sana S.




She has a real gift.

Malcolm G. ·




Get your appointment scheduled as quickly as you can. Scheduling was difficult, as Angelina stays very busy with events and travels. Come with a few questions in mind. During Taro-Readings, she saves some cards towards the end for questions you may have or specific areas you may want to focus on.

Andrea G.

Readings and Sessions


/Health & Body/Communication

Palm Reading

The Palm reading is a very personal and simple reading. It goes over what kind of person you are and more into past and present.

Psychic/Energy Reading

This reading is very in-depth and uses no tools. Just you and myself.  Goes into past present future. insight into your energy and your spiritual body

Chakra Healing

Using several different crystals on the body to connect with each chakra. also using different spiritual tools with each session

Tarot Cards

The Tarot cards are being used as a tool to get you in depth information. the more cards that gets put down, the more deeper the reading gets. this reading goes into past present future and into your relationships and finances

Past Life Regression

is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations, though others regard them as fantasies or delusions or a type of confabulation.

Reiki Healing

using my energy to help heal yours tools are involved in the sessions. this sessions includes aroma therapy

"I need to say you made me a promise and you came trough. I am very private so I dont like saying much on the internet but I called I had a balancing work done and she was back we are better than before. They even went as far as advising me on a few bad habits I needed to change. needles to say I took ther advise. I am now a very happy man. "T. Hughley USA

"I seen results from your help  SO QUICK... It was shocking. I hope other's are reading this, because... if they need help you are the one to help them. YOU TRULY HELPED ME AND SHOWN ME RESULTS. YOU ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY. I'm telling ya people in my book and my son's Angelina is #1. I had 5 sessions done and they all worked for us!.." Misha, TX

When I met Angelina, my career was in the dumps. I was depressed and almost lost my company, I needed guidance, she gave me that and more. I owe everything I have to her, through her methods she helped me regain control of my company and now I have everything I ever wanted.
Kayeed S. 

Results are typical and may vary from person-to-person. Different situations can also yield different results.

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